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Pastor James Dunn is arguably one of the greatest spiritual treasures of our time.  He has a “life changing” anointing on his life and welcomes the opportunity to serve God’s people.  A powerful preacher and musical master-mind, Pastor Dunn utilizes his gifts for the building of God’s Kingdom. 


The scope of Pastor Dunn’s career landscape stretches beyond his pastoral call.  The son of Mr. and  Mrs. James and Louise Dunn of Cincinnati, OH, Dunn yielded to the voice of God at the age of nine and received the Holy Ghost under the late Presiding Bishop Elzie W. Young.  In 1987, he moved to Nashville, TN and developed in ministry under the faithful and strong leadership of Bishop William and First Lady Ruth Johnson of Original Christ Temple Church for seventeen years.  He married Inger (Johnson) Dunn in 1989 and this union birthed three wonderful children, Karyn Ruth, Destiny Nicole and James William. 


Elder Dunn served two terms as the National Youth Chairman of the P.C.A.F., Inc from 2000-2008.  In 2003, God graced Elder Dunn to be installed as Assistant Pastor of Original Christ Temple Church by Presiding Bishop Alfred Singleton of Lansing, MI. 


In early 2004, Elder Dunn accepted the call to Pastorate Leadership.  The scope of his vision revolved around having the privilege of “remodeling” lives for Jesus Christ.  On April 4, 2004 the doors of Victory International Life Changing Ministries opened and the “remodeling” stage began!  


Pastor Dunn is paving the way for others to break the boundaries in their lives.  He is a trailblazer and respected man in the community and Christian circles.  Under his leadership, VI has experienced remarkable growth in a very short period.  With a culturally diverse congregation that consists of people from all socio-economic classes, Pastor Dunn is committed to expansion and outreach, the economic empowerment of the believers, and the spiritual growth of the determined.  


Pastor Dunn is committed to winning souls for Christ.  His undying love and dedication to the people of God is expressed in timely messages of love and hope from God.  He equips each individual with the Word of God and assists them in remodeling their lives room by room and day by day.  His motto, “Change isn’t change until you change” enables individuals to make peace with their past and welcome a new day with Jesus Christ.

Visit his personal page at to find out more about his music, coaching, and organizational development and leadership.