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The “sound” of Victory can be heard in the voice of one today’s life changing minister’s, Lady Inger Dunn.  A native of Cincinnati, OH, she relocated to Nashville, TN and committed her life to Jesus Christ at age 15. Lady Dunn dedicated her life to serving in the house of the Lord and grew to become the extraordinary woman of God she is today.  It was in the church where she was introduced and later married her husband, Pastor James Dunn.  Three beautiful children were born to this union; Karyn, Destiny and James.


Lady Dunn is the Co-Founder of Victory International Life Changing Ministries in Madison, TN.  She is planted for the purpose of producing seeds of hope in the lives of individuals seeking a way to financial recovery.  Her information packed seminars assist and position people to become debt free!  She imparts knowledge and understanding in the word of God at conferences throughout the State and welcomes the call to serving God’s people.  As New Members Director, she “nurses” the life applicable word of God into individuals seeking spiritual transformation.  She teaches Sunday School and shares her anointed gift of singing in the Praise and Worship Ministry. 


Under her leadership, Lady Dunn established two phenomenal women’s ministries with the sole purpose and desire to see women restored and healed. Lady Dunn believes there is a DESTINY for every woman that has the faith to believe in Jesus Christ.  “Women of Oneness” and “G-Unity” equips women to pursue their God given plans and desires for their lives.  These ministries are the platform for restoration and hope she uses to empower women. 


Come experience the “sound” of Victory in the heart, mind and soul of this extraordinary woman of God!